CARET Legal Inaugurates its Revolutionary ‘Workflows’ Feature, Simplifying Automation for Legal Professionals and Midsized Firms

San Diego, California, January 17, 2024CARET Legal, a leading legal practice management platform for attorneys and legal professionals, today announces the launch of its groundbreaking new feature, CARET Legal Workflows. This latest addition to CARET Legal’s robust suite of features is set to transform the way legal professionals manage and automate their tasks. 

CARET Legal Workflows is meticulously designed to alleviate the burden of manual entry for legal professionals, offering a streamlined approach to task management. This feature simplifies the automation of complex processes such as setting up a deposition, drafting settlement negotiations or creating a will, while ensuring that each team member only sees the tasks relevant to them. 

“Workflows was born out of the need for a more intuitive, attorney-focused task management tool,” said Andrew Cummins, Senior Product Manager, CARET Legal. “Our goal was to create a user-friendly interface that resonates with the real struggles attorneys face. By enabling legal professionals to automate their internal processes efficiently, we’re not only saving time; we’re enhancing the quality of legal services.” 

Unlike many platforms that require extensive technical knowledge or IT expertise to set up automation, CARET Legal Workflows is designed to be accessible to legal professionals of all technological skill levels. Its easy-to-use ‘drag and drop’ functionality along with its intuitive design allows for the setting up of automated processes in mere minutes. This powerful tool makes setting up workflows easy, especially for firms with 5-200 attorneys, adapting to their scale and more complex needs.  

Jennifer Sherman, CARET Legal’s Chief Product and Experience Officer, highlights the inclusive nature of Workflows, “We recognize that legal professionals possess a diverse range of tech skills and have many critical initiatives demanding their attention. That’s why we’ve developed CARET Legal Workflows to be an inclusive tool that empowers every legal professional to leverage automation that frees up time to focus on what they do best, practicing law and serving their clients. This feature is a testament to CARET Legal’s commitment to making advanced technology accessible and easy to consume for all legal practitioners.” 

With the launch of Workflows, CARET Legal reaffirms its dedication to pioneering user-centric solutions in the legal technology space, continually seeking ways to enhance the efficiency and productivity of legal professionals worldwide. CARET Legal Workflows is available now as part of CARET Legal’s Enterprise Plus and Enterprise Advance subscriptions. 

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