CARET Legal Introduces AI-Enabled “Quick Summary” Feature to Maximize Productivity of Attorneys

Legal professionals can now quickly summarize documents in seconds to expedite decision-making without sacrificing accuracy.

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CARET Legal, a leading legal practice management platform for attorneys and legal professionals, today announces the launch of its latest feature, Quick Summary, a powerful tool that employs generative artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the way attorneys interact with legal documents. Quick Summary is available in Beta for subscribers of CARET Legal’s Enterprise Plus and Enterprise Advance plans.

This pioneering feature, powered by Microsoft’s Azure Open AI Service technology, enables legal professionals to swiftly and effortlessly navigate through complex documents by generating a brief summary of a provided document in just moments. Quick Summary accelerates the decision-making process without sacrificing accuracy, providing attorneys with an invaluable resource to streamline their work processes. Moreover, this feature resides within a closed environment, which allows legal practices to leverage AI in a secure and risk-free manner.

“Quick Summary represents a transformative moment for the legal industry. We recognize the time constraints and information overload that attorneys face daily,” said Jennifer Sherman, Chief Product and Experience Officer at CARET Legal. “This new feature underscores our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that directly address the pain points of legal professionals while giving them more time to devote to higher priority tasks.”

As CARET Legal propels into the future, the platform is poised to broaden its horizons by continuing to develop technological advancements in AI for the legal sector. The platform is a testament to the symbiotic relationship between highly skilled legal professionals and inventive technology. This interception of human expertise and technology results in legal professionals becoming not just consumers but collaborators with AI, allowing them to offer more informed and strategic advice to their clients. In doing so, they not only enhance the quality of their services but also create opportunities to increase their billable hours and reduce their administrative work. In short, this enhancement demonstrates that AI is a valuable tool in the hands of skilled professionals rather than a replacement for their roles in the legal field.

Keri Gohman, CEO of CARET, reiterated this vision, stating, “Quick Summary is just one of what will be many tools we will make available to our attorneys inside CARET Legal. We are delighted to equip these critical professionals with the latest tools to support their efforts to increase firm efficiency, optimize growth, and ultimately provide even better service to their clients.”

CARET Legal envisions a landscape where legal professionals can capitalize on the full potential of its AI-enabled capabilities to optimize their work, enabling them to automate busy work to speed up labor-intensive tasks. CARET Legal’s vigilant monitoring of AI’s evolving applications and supporting tools remains unwavering. This commitment extends to maintaining transparent and consistent updates for its valued customers, esteemed partners, and relevant policies.

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