Frequently Asked Questions

Why is AbacusNext changing the brand? 

Abacus is a well-known brand, but it only represents one of our many solutions spanning practice management, document automation, and integrated payment processing. Our company has evolved and we want our name to reflect who we are today and where we’re headed in the future. 

Our identity was confusing. Are we AbacusNext? Are we Zola Suite? Or are we something else entirely? We’d reached the point where we were constrained by our name instead of empowered. We needed to cut through the clutter to get to the root of what makes us…us. 

What is the meaning of CARET and why did you choose this brand name? 

To get to the heart of our identity and determine our new brand, we spent months in listening sessions with our team, partners, and customers. A theme kept bubbling to the top: at our core, we empower highly skilled professionals to focus on what truly matters. 

Legal and accounting professionals depend on our solutions to streamline their workload so that they can contribute their highest value professionally and personally.  They rely on us to create space for what matters. 

And that’s where the caret symbol “^” comes in. This circumflex character denotes an exponential in mathematics and signifies that something is to be inserted.  

A Caret “^” creates space for what’s to come. It creates room for expansion. And so do we. 

What is changing? 

Our new visual identity features clean, approachable colors, typography, and design. You’ll no longer see pages filled with harsh red and black. Instead, you’ll see tranquil green shades with splashes of brighter accent colors. You’ll begin to see this branding evolving gradually over time, with the most immediate changes being: 

  • Our corporate website has changed from to
  • Our LinkedIn has updated from AbacusNext to CARET
  • Our other corporate communications, such as emails, will also now feature the CARET brand in place of AbacusNext. 

What is happening to the company’s brands? 

Our brands have retained their distinct names and websites. You’ll be able to access them all, including customer support portals, easily from our corporate website. You’ll begin seeing our “by CARET” endorsement show up in our brand logos (e.g. HotDocs by CARET) gradually over time. 

Does this impact customers’ subscriptions, accounts or billing?   

No. Your subscription, account, and billing with AbacusNext remains the same. The only change you will see is the CARET brand replacing AbacusNext on our corporate communications, like emails, invoices, website and social media. 

Will email addresses/contacts be changing?  

Our teams’ email addresses will change to; however, emails sent to the and addresses will still be delivered. 

Does this mean a leadership team change?  

No. Our CEO, Keri Gohman, joined the company in February 2022 and has assembled a leadership team with deep domain expertise in building and scaling software businesses with technology and services that delight customers. Learn more about our leadership team here

What does this mean for the AbacusNext—now CARET– team?  
Our team has a refreshing and clear brand identity that better reflects who we are, our devotion to our customers, and our vision for the future. Our employer brand, built by our team, details values that guide how we show up at work and how we make decisions: 

  1. We succeed together. 
  1. We embrace progress. 
  1. We care big. 
  1. We create space. 

Will this impact new features?  

No, in fact you’ll notice a more measured rollout of our new branding within our products. We are intentionally creating space for our development team to focus on building new enhancements for our customers rather than monopolizing their time on brand work.